Sep 08, 2022

Jim Cunha

Executive Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

The Future of Digital Currency

Will the recent findings of the government’s Digital Currency Initiative bring us closer to a mainstream crypto world? Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Jim Cunha and Chicago based cryptocurrency expert and advisor Peter Tapling evaluate opportunities, related risks and ethics, and explore how blockchain technology might operate alongside existing financial institutions and infrastructures.

Hear how the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Digital Currency Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology teamed up to study technologies that could make a Central Bank Digital Currency a U.S. reality.

Speaker Jim Cunha

Executive Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Jim Cunha is the Executive Vice President of Secure Payments and FinTech at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Cunha leads the Federal Reserve’s Secure Payment efforts, which seeks to improve the safety, security, and resiliency of the U.S. payments system. Cunha is spearheading the Boston Fed’s efforts to study, explore, and engage with distributed ledger technology, or blockchain, to determine applicability, potential benefits, and risks for internal and external uses. He is also responsible for the Bank’s digital currency research efforts.
Cunha has worked at the Boston Fed since 1984. More info

Moderator Peter Tapling

Crytocurrency Expert and Advocate, PTap Advisory

Peter Tapling is an innovator and advisor in security, risk, authentication. and payments. He is a Board Member of the US Faster Payments Council and was a steering committee member of the Federal Reserve Secure Payments Task Force. Tapling was Founder and CEO of Authentify, the company that introduced telephone-based out-of-band authentication. He was CRO of Early Warning during the launch of Zelle. More info