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The Economic Club of Kansas City was founded in 2005 as a nonprofit organization at the inspiration of Thomas M. Hoenig, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

The Club is nonpolitical, nonpartisan, and nonprofit and takes no side on any issue considered in its forum.

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  • Mike Van de Ven

    President and COO, Southwest Airlines

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We provide a structured forum for engaging Kansas City's business leaders with world-class thinkers on critical issues in business, economics and finance.

We catalyze local discussion, understanding and leadership on these issues.

We foster economic curiosity.

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May, 2022John Sherman

CEO, Kansas City Royals

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Upcoming Events in 2022

Rob Riggle

Actor / Comedian

2022 May 03

Roger Ferguson, Jr.

Former President and CEO of TIAA; Former Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

2022 Jun 10

Esther George

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President and CEO

2022 Aug 25

Our Next Speaker
Ryan Buell Headshot

2024 Jun 21 Ryan Buell

Harvard Business School, C.D. Spangler Professor of Business Administration
The workplace went off the rails for many businesses after the pandemic. Harvard Business School’s Ryan Buell answers how business executives can adapt to new demands and succeed over failures that come with unrelenting change. The award winning professor uncovers insights and strategies to engage employees and enhance their productivity and performance. He’ll show what businesses can learn from Tessei, the company responsible for cleaning Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains. In this interactive case presentation, Buell reveals how the company revitalized itself against all odds.

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Upcoming Events in 2024
Thomas Hoenig
2024 Oct 10

Thomas Hoenig

Former Federal Reserve Chair of Kansas City and Vice President of the FDIC

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